The Simplest Directions for Use:

Add 3 Drops of Just the Wine into a glass of wine. Swirl for 20 seconds and enjoy! (Standard 6 oz serving.) 


Add 13 Drops of Just the Wine into a bottle of wine. Re-cork, turn bottle upside-down several times to mix. Serve. (750ml bottle.)

For Smaller glasses or "topping off" an existing glass:

Add 1 drop of Just the Wine for each 2 oz of wine (about 1/3 of a regular glass). 

Flexible measurements and fine tuning:

We specifically developed the product to be flexible enough to fine tune the amount of Just the Wine needed for a specific wine.

Note: to really fine tune to the wine you must reach the point where you can taste the drop. When you know how many drops it takes to get the sulfite level to zero, add small amounts of wine until you no longer taste the drops — keeping track of the total amount of wine you have poured and how many drops.

As you fine tune the amount of Just the Wine drops to your wine, remember, we will be starting from the basic “3 drops per 6 oz glass of wine.” Simply, if you can taste the drops, just add small amounts of wine.

Drops are not recommended for low or no sulfite wines