How It All Began

I would first and foremost like to say Cheers!  California Sun brings BBQ and brunches.  Time for wine!

For me, terribly, there was a time I had to pass on the champagne (and all wine – for that matter!).  The sulfites made me awfully sick! I’ve since learned there are a lot of people just like me – sulfite sensitive or allergic.  And that means “no wine” anymore.  Terrible!

 I just wouldn't accept that.  And after a lot of hard work by my family and me, we have a solution! And it is so simple.  Not to mention safe, and easy to use. “Just the Wine” sulfite reducing drops; Just 3 drops in a glass of wine – swirl and drink.  No more sulfite side-effects! This literally saved my wine drinking life!

For more of our story see OCR Metro Story by Jenna Sweeney

Jean and Rodney     Co-Founders   and Siblings    

Jean and Rodney

Co-Founders and Siblings