How It Works

Let's start with sulfites.

What are sulfites?  Sulfites are used in winemaking as an anti-microbial and preservative for bottling and storing wine. Many red wines produce sulfites naturally.  White wines will typically require more sulfites to be added compared to red wines because of this natural process. Winemakers add sulfites during the winemaking process; then adjust the sulfite levels to meet their specific requirements and formulations.

There are two types of sulfites in wine (which make up Total Sulfites): “bound” sulfites and “free” sulfites. Bound sulfites have molecularly bound themselves to other compounds in the wine.  Free sulfites are of concern, as these free sulfites affect those of us with sulfite sensitivities.

How Just the Wine Works.

Just the Wine  uses a process similar to that used in the winemaking process to adjust the levels of free sulfites to the desired concentration. Just the Wine drops combine with the free sulfites.

Once bound both the free sulfites and just the wine drops become neutral.  This is why you cannot taste the drops and the wine’s natural flavor is unaffected. The only time you will be able to taste the Just the Wine  drops, is when all free sulfites have been neutralized and the drops are in excess.